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‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ and ‘Stan Against Evil’ Need Your Help!

Fans of Ash vs. Evil Dead and Stan Against Evil UNITE! This call to action from fans  lays out a plan to secure new season orders for both shows. Stan and Ash need your help! They’re both facing something eviler than Demons and Deadites. They’re facing… cancellation! Sharpen up your axes and your chainsaws, horror fans. It’s time to storm social media and demand ACTION!

Read on for the details!

Bruce Campbell

Stan Against Evil is wrapping up Season 2 on IFC. Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 3 starts in February on Starz. Both are fantastic shows. Unfortunately, neither have been renewed as of this writing. This calls for a bombardment. Tweet storms. Hashtags. Boomsticks!

The Plan To Save Ash vs. Evil Dead and Stan Against Evil

On social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus and whatever other platforms you can think of), tell IFC and STARZ that you want to see Stan Against Evil and Ash vs. Evil Dead get renewed. Be creative and use gifs or memes. If you have any memorabilia, show that as well.

Most importantly, both networks are focused on who launches their apps. I cannot stress how vital this is to the campaign. Tell them that you have the app or that you subscribe to their channels. IFC and STARZ need to know that there are viewers out there to justify the renewals.

Use the following hashtags for Ash vs. Evil – #bringbackboomstick. For Stan Against Evil #keepstankilling and #shovelsupseason3. Let’s start trending! If you love these shows, let the networks know it!

Sounds like a good start!

Stan Against Evil

The Plan Continued

Also, if you aren’t doing so already, follow the shows and the cast on social media. If you are on Twitter, follow @IFC, @StanAgainstEvil, @JohnCMcGinley, @janetvarney, @Deborahbakerjr, @danagould, @AshvsEvilDead, @STARZ, @GroovyBruce, @ImDanaDeLorenzo, @RealRaySantiago, @RealLucyLawless, and @robtapert.

Make sure that you also interact with fan clubs and sites (if you aren’t doing so already) like @jcmfanclub, @stanagstevlfan, and @BOTLpodcast (Bruce on the Loose podcast). On Facebook, Bruce Campbell Fan Club, Bring Back Boomstick, Stan Against Evil, and Stan Against Evil Fan Club.

So what are you waiting for, Social Media Warriors? An engraved invitation? Let’s get out there and save Ash vs. Evil Dead and Stan Against Evil!

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