Artist Ama Lea Aims To Create Experimental Film ‘The Invocation Of Lilith’

The multi-talented, crafty connoisseur of horror, Miss Ama Lea, recently announced a passionate film project that she hopes to fund with a little bit of help. Known for her wildly popular Year of Fear calendars and the incredible photographic images she captures that have been featured in countless publications, as well as becoming the first-ever guest editor of Delirium Magazine (Issue #21), the visual guru is hellbent on bringing fans something wickedly special with The Invocation of Lilith

Although Ama Lea is no stranger behind the camera, having created several short films, this current artistic focus leans heavily into a lifelong love of experimental filmmaking, with inspiration stemming from the films of Kenneth Anger, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and Andy Warhol. But Ama Lea has a very specific, personal journey she wishes to take on with The Invocation of Lilith, stating, 

“I grew up obsessed with films by the aforementioned filmmakers. I have always wanted to make a movie in the same vein and explore the world with visual images the way they did. BUT, I do feel that these brilliant filmmakers made movies about male power and the man’s journey. I want to make an experimental film from the lens of a woman. Something that was empowering and beautiful and cathartic to the experience I know and from the perspective that I see in this world.” 

Ama Lea

The Invocation of Lilith promises a unique, passionate viewing experience and personally, I cannot wait. After only three days, she is already almost halfway to her goal! You can read further details about this project as well as fund this fascinating creative endeavor at HERE.


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