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Arrow Video Unveils August, 2019 Blu-ray Releases

August is here! You know what that means. Yep, a new month means more Arrow video releases. This time out the Arrow release schedule features mean slashers, killers, and a faith-based trilogy! Make that a quadrilogy, if you want to get technical. Arrow’s August lineup is smaller than most, but features three new Blu-ray titles every collector will want in their collection. We’re most excited about a certain horror classic that never seems to get enough love. Which one?

You can watch the trailer below, then read on for all the details!

From The Arrow Video Press Release

Things get started on August 6th, with Alfred Sole’s attempt at crafting a Hitchcockian thriller with his classic slasher, Alice, Sweet Alice. A young girl is brutally murdered by an unknown lunatic in a bright yellow rain coat and a freakishly creepy translucent mask. As the killer continues to strike again and again, the young girl’s parents are forced to consider this gruesome reality – perhaps the killer is their eldest daughter, Alice. Ranked #89 on Bravo’s 100 Scariest Movie Moments, Alice, Sweet Alice features kill scenes that are shocking to even the most hardcore slasher enthusiasts.

Fun fact: the film marks the screen debut of future Flower Shop Mystery star, Brooke Shields.

On August 20th, Arrow brings home William Friedkin’s controversial erotic crime thriller, Cruising. Oscar-winner Al Pacino stars as a New York City cop assigned an undercover gig that sends him deep into the world of the gay S&M and leather bars in the Meatpacking District in an effort to track down a killer targeting gay men. Originally panned by critics and activists alike, the film has gained a cult following and been more highly received over the years.

The final Arrow release for the month, also hitting shelves on August 20th, is a collection of Akio Jissôji’s films – This Transient Life, Mandara, and Poem – that make up The Buddhist Trilogy. These three New Wave films made for the Art Theatre Guild take a controversial and shocking exploration through faith. As an added bonus, Jissôji’s 1974 feature It Was a Faint Dream, a film that touches on similar themes as the trilogy, is included.

As per usual, each release this month features a High Definition transfer, including a new 4K scan for Cruising, and plenty of special features to keep you entertained well after the credits roll.

Awesome! Check out the killer cover art for these bad boys!

Arrow Video - August, 2019

Final Thoughts

Great stuff! We expect no less from our friends at Arrow. Alice, Sweet Alice is an amazing film. Can’t wait to see it in all its Blu-ray glory! I’m snagging a copy over at Amazon today. Score!

I’ve never seen Cruising. Looks like that’s coming out just in time for William Friedkin’s birthday! The Buddhist Trilogy doesn’t really look like my style, but I’m sure Akio Jissôji fans will be stoked!

What do you think? Which Arrow Video August release do you want most? Tell us in the comments!

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