Ari Aster’s New Film ‘Midsommar’ Blends The Wicker Man with Alice in Wonderland

Ari Aster’s New Film Midsommar Blends The Wicker Man with Alice in Wonderland

Ari Aster is one of the innovators of the “elevated horror” movement. I’ve never paid much attention to labels added to something that was already pigeonholed. The wrong label, based solely on one random opinion can ostracize a really great film from an audience that pays way too much attention to said labels. Everyone misses out.

Just so happens Aster had lightening in a bottle with the runaway hit Hereditary. Some were calling it the new Exorcist, and there we go again. It was another dividing line for those that agreed and those that didn’t. What Hereditary was was just a really unsettling film that had extremely well written story. It hit all the nerves of evil lurking where love should’ve been, and how it leveraged tragedy to destroy everything around it for its own sake.


Aster’s next film Midsommar, summed up in his own words, is ” between Alice in Wonderland and The Wicker Man” When a couple travels to Sweden to visit a friend and attend a local summer festival, they find themselves in the midst of a pagan cult.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Aster lent his thoughts to what the film is about.

The film is definitely mining the same vein as Wicker Man was working, but as a piece of folk-horror, it’s pretty irreverent in that it doesn’t really stay comfortably on that route”.

That’s why I’m making sure to describe it as a fairy tale,” he continues. “It’s not a million miles away from something like Alice in Wonderland. It’s a psychedelic film. It definitely moves very solidly into psychedelia and so it’s not a million miles away from something like A Field in England in that respect. But there are no solid [comparisons] that I can hand you.” “I’m hoping that the film feels pretty singular and is a trip.”

The cast includes: Jack Reynor (Glassland), Will Poulter (Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, We’re the Millers), Florence Pugh (The Falling), Vilhem Blomgren (The Days the Flowers Bloom), William Jackson Harper (Paterson), Ellora Torchia (The Split), and Archie Madekwe (Teen Spirit).

Midsommar is set for release from A24 on July 3. Do you plan on checking it out? Let us know and stay tuned for more horror news and updates.

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