Intense Teaser Trailer for Tory Jones’ ‘Angel’

Angel is one I’ve been following and looking forward to since it was announced. Angel, the second feature from writer/director Tory Jones (The Wicked One), will be premiering  Saturday, July 21st, 2018 at the Lyric Theater in Lexington, Kentucky, and we have the teaser the teaser trailer to share with you. I’ve got to say, if I wasn’t excited for this film already, I’m even more excited now. Check it out.

Angel is the latest film from writer/director Tory Jones (The Wicked One 2017). P.J. Starks (Volumes of Blood) is executive producer and was produced and edited by Shawn Burkett (Don’t Fuck in the Woods).

The film stars Sonya Delormier (The Wicked One 2017), Cameryn Zupon (Scream For Summer 2017), Tyler Riley (Scream For Summer 2017), Chelsea Skalski (The Wicked One 2017), Brady A. Myers (Scream For Summer 2017), Talia Schade (The Rave) Dale Miller (The Wicked One 2017), Katie Stewart (The Wicked One 2017), Kattie Hubbard (Cinematic Reality 2018), James Tackett (The Wicked One 2017), and Jessica Bloom (The Wicked One 2017).


When a brutal massacre plagued the isolated and peaceful town of Raven Rock in 1986, the remaining residents fled, leaving the once tranquil community behind. For thirty years the town has been chained and walled off from the outside world while deteriorating and crumbling. However, not all has been quiet as disappearances have been attributed to the supposedly haunted town. Now a headstrong journalist and her team venture to Raven Rock to investigate the town, its history, and the missing persons. What they will discover is sometimes the truth is more disturbing than myth and Raven Rock is still being occupied.

What do you think of the teaser trailer for Angel? Is it something you are looking forward to seeing? Let us know!

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