‘American Horror Story Cult’ Will Be Evan Peters Heavy, Among Other Things

After making last week’s announcement that the theme of season 7 of American Horror Story will be “Cult,” Ryan Murphy has broken the seal on AHS news, letting all kinds of info out on Twitter – both on his own account and the American Horror Story Cult account – including the season’s poster, the number of episodes, the premiere date and even a a few teaser clips. Check them out!

With all of the bee clues he’s been letting slip over the summer, it came as no surprise that that the official poster includes the buzzing little critters, in this case implying that people in a cult have a “hive mind.” We also got the premiere date for American Horror Story Cult, which is September 5th. A Tuesday, not a Wednesday.

Throughout the week, there have also been a few teaser videos. A few things I’ve noticed: the honeycomb and bees, of course, black and red stripes, clowns (we’ve heard that Twisty will be back. Maybe he’ll have a posse this time?), blue hair, hexagons, mind control, surrender, acceptance and the “WE WANT YOU!” line in the last video. Although the videos themselves are more cult and less election, the filmmaker did throw that little bit in there to remind us that we’re kicking the season off on Election Night 2016. Plus I can’t help but think of that weird elephant monster that Murphy let us in on a few months ago


Last but not least, there was this announcement that the season will be Evan Peters heavy. This news, of course, has fangirls squealing with excitement. According Murphy, Peters and frequent co-star Sarah Paulson will play lovers once again in American Horror Story Cult, just like they did in last season, AHS Roanoke. This time, Paulson will play Ally and Peters will play Kai in “a love story for the ages.” This drawing of them was also Tweeted out by Murphy.

In the picture, Evan has that infamous blue hair that we’ve known about for awhile. He also looks like a hot mess, much like he does in this previously leaked photo, where his arm is in a sling and he has a black eye. Remember all of that blue hair from those teasers up above? Coincidence?

Murphy also revealed that this season will be set in Michigan and that it will be a random 11 episodes long. At San Diego Comic Con this year, the website AHSCult.com was announced where fans can “join the cult” and get new clues every week about the upcoming season.

Besides Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson, the cast list for season 7 includes AHS vets Frances Conroy, Mare Winningham, Cheyenne Jackson and Adina Porter, as well as Billie Lourd (Scream Queens TV series), Billy Eichner (Parks and Recreation TV series), Leslie Grossman (Popular TV series), Colton Haynes (Teen Wolf TV series), Allison Pill (Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen 2004) and Lena Dunham (Girls TV series), who will only appear in one episode.

So what do you think? Are you excited about American Horror Story Cult? Will it be better than Roanoke? Coven? Hotel? Hash it out in the comments!

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