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All Work and No Play Makes Louie A Dull Boy

“All Work and No Play Makes Louie A Dull Boy!” You loved him as little Pennywise and now the one and only Louie is back and channeling Jack Torrance from The Shining! He really has a knack for portraying iconic icons and looking super adorable yet a tad bit frightening when doing so. 

Photo Credit: Eagan Tilghman

The talented Eagan Tilghman is back at again! We first discovered Eagan when he dressed up his little brother as the new Pennywise. It didn’t take long before the pictures went viral and little Louie became an internet sensation. Creating the “Tilghman Tribe!” You can go to his page by clicking – here.

Photo Credit: Eagan Tilghman

I asked Eagan what inspired him to turn Louie into another one of Stephen King’s horror icons, Jack Torrance, and he stated:

“I was reading The Shining and then decided to re-watch the movie. After doing so, it inspired me to do Louie as Jack.”

Well, as always his work is amazing and Louie is cuter than ever! This Jack Torrance won’t be bashing your head in though, instead, he’ll just be melting your heart.

the shining
Photo Credit: Eagan Tilghman

We hope to see more spooky pictures starring Louie in the near future as we continue to celebrate 31 Days of Halloween all October long. Which Louie do you prefer: Pennywise or Jack Torrance? Let us know! Follow Eagan on Instagram as well –

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