All Hallows Bazaar: PInkyParadise
Photo by Dev Crowley

All Hallows Bazaar: PinkyParadise Contacts October 2020

Hey, Halloweeners! It’s almost that time, and even though this Halloween (as epic as it could have been this year) isn’t going to be as we hoped, we can still dress up to our hearts’ content and be fabulous. One of my favorite costume accoutrements are amazing contacts, and I love a good circle lens for every day looks or just for fun. Today, we have a company that is one of THE go-to companies for creative contacts to complete the look. Let’s step into the All Hallows Bazaar: PinkyParadise October 2020 stall.

We want to send the biggest thank yous to PinkyParadise for sending this goody bag our way. I was able to pick one pair of contacts (in my prescription, too!) to try and review. Even though they were sent to me, I was not paid for this review, and all opinions on the items are my own.

All Hallows Bazaar: PinkyParadise
Photo by Dev Crowley

We begin the All Hallows Bazaar: PinkyParadise October 2020 unboxing with everything before it was opened. I figured they would send the individual contacts and a contact case, but I wasn’t expecting the lovely little gift package that came with it. Not only did they send the contacts in their individual bottles, but they also sent the contact case in this pretty little compact. Not only that, but there was a sheet of stickers, a set of golden undereye masks, and a set of weird hair squares that Velcroed to your head. Yes, it is as strange as it sounds, but I still love them.

All Hallows Bazaar: PInkyParadise
Photo by Dev Crowley

When you open the little compact, you find that it is a full contact travel case complete with a mirror, a mini bottle for solution, a small suction wand and little plastic tweezers. Because I am a barbarian, I just stick my fingers in my eye, but if you were more delicate than I am, you would have some lovely tools to complete the job, and it all matches. The contact that I chose were the Princess Pinky Cosplay White Mesh with Rim contacts. Normally, these are $24 a pair, but they are on sale right now for $12! These are a yearly contact that can work with your prescription, and I LOVE the effect.

Al Hallows Bazaar: PinkyParadise
Photo by Between Two Forks

While I do like contacts that are just white all around, I love the black rim on these PinkyParadise lenses, because it’s just a little different. The center is mesh so I can see through it, technically, but it isn’t easy. Everything is pretty milky white and the brighter the light is, the harder it is to see. The size of the contact felt great, and I didn’t feel it migrate around every time I blinked. While I wouldn’t recommend these for a driving test, they are great for pictures, films, or anything you don’t have to actively see EVERYTHING around you. I really love them, and I would love to try more of the FX contacts to compare. If you want to get these for yourself, snag them HERE while they are on sale!

That’s it for the All Hallows Bazaar: PinkyParadise October 2020¬†stall! PinkyParadise has a new costumer for us, and I was very impressed by the quality of the contacts and how much they send along with the pair. Get amazing contacts is one thing, but getting them with a travel set and a goody bag makes it all the better. Browse their entire massive selection HERE and start getting some crazy, cool eyes.

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