All Hallows Bazaar: Nui Cobalt Halloween 2020 Collection

Can you feel the excitement? Halloween is so close that I can smell the candy corn! There’s something else I’m smelling, and that is the Nui Cobalt stall at the All Hallows Bazaar. Nui Cobalt is a lovely indie perfume company that released a Halloween collection this year, and we’re going to get our noses all up in it.

We want to send a huge thank you to Nui Cobalt for sending these goodies our way to try and share with you. Even though they were sent to me, I was not paid to do this review, and all opinions on the items are my own. We have a candle, three full drams and several sample sizes, so there is a lot to get through in the All Hallows Bazaar: Nui Cobalt Halloween 2020 stall.

All Hallows Bazaar: Nui Cobal
Photo by Dev Crowley

Blue Moon on Samhain: This candle makes me sad because it reminds me that this Halloween is on a Saturday with a full Blue Moon, and I won’t be walking the streets, crunching leaves under my feet, on a beautiful cloudless night, shamelessly begging for candy and using my six-year-old as an excuse to do it. Regardless, we can still honor the moon with this candle. It has notes of sea salt, pearl gardenia, oat milk, coconut flesh, forget-me-not, neroli, and lavender. This candle was made for lunar deities, to enhance intuition, or to amplify magic. With the gardenia and the coconut, it smells very warm and heavy, and the oat milk gives it a creaminess. While it doesn’t smell like Halloween, it does smell like magick. Grab one for $12!

All Hallows Bazaar: Nui Cobalt
Photo by Dev Crowley

Favorite Sweater: Now that it’s fall, I only exist in sweaters and hoodies, and I definitely have my favorites. This perfume has notes of white oak, blonde teakwood, copal resin, crushed coriander, lamb’s wool accord, creamy chai, and green mandarin. It smells like autumn in a bottle with its warm woods, spicy chai, and the brightness of the mandarin. It dark, warm and bright all at the same time. Grab a dram for $19.

Grey Cat: This is a great perfume to honor your familiar or it can be worn to attract friendships or sweeten relationships. It has notes of smoked vanilla, marshmallow creme, blueberries, lavender, and Earl Grey. This is very berry forward with the marshmallow creme making it sweet, and the Earl Grey adding a touch of earthiness and bite. It’s a bit strange but very pleasant. Get a dram for $19.

Ominous Orchard: This is my favorite of the three full-sized perfumes. It is such a bright and lively smell, and it almost gives you energy when you smell it. It has notes of crisp apples, young green growth, and deer musk accord. It’s so clean and bright with a whisper of funk in the most pleasant sense of the word. This is more of a spring smell in my opinion, but it smells so damn good and goes for $19.

All Hallows Bazaar: Nui Cobalt
Photo by Dev Crowley

Stories and Spidersilk: I love the name of this one. It’s based on the original Starlight and Spidersilk. It has notes of cotton flower, dew drops, crystalline musk, black vanilla beans, leather books, pipe tobacco, and aging wooden shelves. This is pretty leather forward, but the vanilla adds sweetness, and the cotton flower adds a clean smell. It’s like sitting in an old library on a rainy day. Only $4.25.

Starlight and Spidersilk 2020: This perfume is very similar to Stories and Spidersilk as it has the same notes of cotton flower, dew drops, crystalline musk, and black vanilla beans. This is a heavy, deep vanilla with a small wisp of clean floral. It is worn to attract all of your desires. You can get a sample for $4.25.

Trembling Aspen: This perfume is named after the fluttering tree that is one of the first to change colors. It has notes of sunflower petals, saffron, crystalized ginger, and candied kumquat. This is a strange one, but it’s so intriguing. You really smell the sunflower, but you also get the earthiness of the saffron and slight kumquat. There’s also something that has a base-ness about it, and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Bad Moon Rising: This is a great scent for 2020 as it is worn for protection. It has notes of violets, Adirondack blueberries, star anise, blackcurrants in maple sugar, clove, and almond. Wear this during bad luck to turn it all around. The blackcurrants mellow the intense blueberry while the almond and maple gives it a nice sweetness. It smells lovely and delicious.

All Hallows Bazaar: Nui Cobalt
Photo by Dev Crowley

Ghost Cat: Next in the All Hallows Bazaar: Nui Cobalt Halloween 2020 stall is a phantom feline. This is a fragrance oil that you will want to wear or anoint your tools when working to commune with the other side and friendly spirits. It has notes of Cashmere, white amber, ivory musk, peony, and pink peppercorn. This is a clean and heavy floral with a touch of spice on the back end.

Drunk Pumpkin: When you need help with life changes or you are calling on help from the other side, wear this boozy scent… it is indeed boozy, with notes of hot apple cider, dark rum, Tennessee whiskey, cinnamon, ginger, and lemon. It smells like how a warm sip of spiked cider feels as it warms all the way to your stomach.

Scaredy Cat: For those of you (like myself) that suffer from fear and intense nerves, this can work to help with its notes of tobacco flower, nag champa, white amber, warm fur accord, omani musk, and molten caramel. To me, this one just smells of a sugary sweet nag champa, and I mean that in the best sense of the word. There’s something calming about it, and I think that is the whole point.

Spring-Heeled Jack: Everything I know from Spring-Heeled Jack I learned from The Last Podcast on the Left, and I can’t read the tag without hearing Henry’s rendition. This scent has notes of London fog, rain-soaked cobblestones, blue Atlas cedar, charcoal tweed, grey musk, and Victorian violet powder. I ADORE this one. It has such a combination of warmth and sweetness from the tweed and the violet powder.

All Hallows Bazaar: Nui Cobalt
Photo by Dev Crowley

Hekate Enodia: This oil can be used with three drops in an oil warmer as an offering to the Divine Feminine and to honor the goddess Hekate. It has notes of resins coapal and myrrh, clove bud, star anise, tobacco, bitter almond, rosemary, Bosc pear, tonka bean, and fresh earth. The bitter almond really stands out while the earthy notes give it darkness and depth. I don’t smell much of the clove, anise or rosemary, but it’s pleasant nonetheless.

Exanguinated: This is an oil for drawing in love and desire. It has vampiric notes of mulled wine, blood orange, pomegranate, cherry, dragon’s blood, and a velvet-lined mahogany coffin filled with roses. This is gorgeous with the combination of heavy rose and orange. It’s dark and sexy, and I can see why it’s meant to draw in desires.

The Widow Wore Red: This is for the fierce ones when you want to shed timidity and remove doubt. It has notes of spiced plum, musk, patchouli, tart cherry, sweet pipe tobacco, gingerbread, vanilla caramel, clove, coriander, and cardamom. This scent is so warm and sweet, like you are wrapped in warm cloth of spices and dried fruits. It can certainly make you feel more fearless.

Witching in the Graveyard: Last but certainly not least in the All Hallows Bazaar: Nui Cobalt Halloween 2020 collection is one that is meant to smell like the graveyard at the first frost. It has notes of fresh earth, amber musk, cocobolo wood, moss-covered oak, petrichor, vetiver, bourbon, and hay. This one isn’t for the faint of heart for it is an adventurous scent with the earth, hay, and petrichor notes. It is dirty, earthy and dark, and I REALLY like it. The amber adds a bit of sweetness, but this still smells like cold rain falling a fresh grave. This is another favorite from the collection.

That’s all for the All Hallows Bazaar: Nui Cobalt Halloween 2020 collection, and I am SO impressed. Not only do these scents smell incredible, but they also have a purpose to aid its wearer. This is a great way to add a little bit of magick to your everyday life when it gets hard to have a proper ritual. If you would like to browse their other collections, check them out HERE. I definitely recommend taking a visit and seeing what they offer. Have a magickal Samhain!

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