All Hallows Bazaar: Kaeraz
Photo by Between Two Forks/ Dev Crowley

All Hallows Bazaar: Kaeraz Halloween 2020

Hey, spookies! We are back with another new stall for the All Hallows Bazaar. This time, we are digging into some very witchy clothing courtesy of the western-themed shop, Kaeraz. If that sounds familiar, you might remmember that we did a Halloween unboxing for Kaeraz last year, and we were big fans. You can see that HERE. While those items are still available at the shop, today we are taking a look at two shirts that got us feeling super witchy. Walk with us as we check out the All Hallows Bazaar: Kaeraz Halloween 2020 stall.

We want to send the biggest thank you to Kaeraz for sending these items our way to unbox and review for the event. Even though they were sent to me, I was not paid for this review, and all opinions of the items are entirely my own. Get your pointed hats, and lets check it out!

All Hallows Bazaar: Kaeraz
Photo by Between Two Forks

The first item in the All Hallows Bazaar: Kaeraz Halloween 2020 stall is this Mystical Doodles tee. This shirt is SO soft. It is on the thinner side (but not cheap thin), and because of that, it feels nice and light. It is a cotton/polyester blend so it’s buttery soft. This is an XL, and it fits comfortably. The print is on the thinner side, which means it is less likely to crack and distress. I love the fact that the doodles are pastel, because this is a great shirt for more than just Halloween. The doodles looks like doodles—they are silly and imperfect. They look like something you would find in the margins of a Book of Shadows. Grab this shirt HERE for $40.

All Hallows Bazaar: Kaeraz
Photo by Between Two Forks

The last shirt in the All Hallows Bazaar: Kaeraz Halloween 2020 stall will leave you deceased. You have heard of the life of the party, but me… I’m the death of the party. This Death Of The Party shirt is SO much fun. It feels a lot different than the witchy doodles shirt because it’s 100% cotton. This one is a lot thicker, heavier and less soft than the previous shirt. It will be great for layering in the winter. My Death Of The Party shirt is an XL. It has less stretch than the first shirt, but it still fits nicely. The print is a little thicker, but even if it did crack, it is meant to look slightly distressed and wouldn’t be that noticeable. The text reminds me of old timey ’30s bouncing cartoons. You can also get this shirt in a white ringer tee as well. Snag it for $40 HERE.

That’s all for the All Hallows Bazaar: Kaeraz Halloween 2020 stall! I love these shirts. There are so many more in their Halloween and fall collections, and they are some of the softest and most comfortable shirts I have… for $40 each, they should be. You definitely pay for the quality of the fabric and the print, and  already know that the past shirts that I have worn from them  have definitely hld up in the wash. If you would like to shop their other items, you can browse the site HERE. Stay spooky, and we will see you in the next stall!

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