All Hallows Bazaar: Dio Candle Company
Photo by Dev Crowley

All Hallows Bazaar: Dio Candle Company 2020 Halloween Collection

Hello, Halloween hounds. This is the most wonderful time of the year! The sights, the sounds and… the SMELLS. As soon as fall and Halloween scents show up at my favorite suppliers, I stop up on everything that reminds me of the best parts of the season. Whether you’re into pumpkin, apple, bonfires, leaves or the smell of decay (yes, the smell of dead and decaying wood and leaves is a fall scent. I said it), there are candles out there for you to make your spooky abode your own. One company that can do that for you is Dio Candle Company. If you follow PopHorror unboxings, you may recognize the name and we are fans here. So, step into the marketplace and walk with me to the All Hallows Bazaar: Dio Candle Company stall.

We want to send a big thank you to Natasha at Dio Candle Company for sending these our way to share for the event. Two full sized candles were sent our way and I want to talk to you about the cold and hot smell and how they burn. Let’s get to burning and sniffing.

All Hallows Bazaar Dio Candle Company
Photo by Dev Crowley

Magic Pumpkin: First up in the All Hallows Bazaar: Dio Candle Company stall is a classic October smell…pumpkin but this isn’t just pumpkin, dearies. This candle has notes of creamy pumpkin and sweet caramel. That sounds delicious and it SMELLS delicious. As for the cold smell, the pumpkin is strong with this one but the caramel add some light creaminess. Sometimes, the combination can almost smell like coconut. The big question is if this burns and projects the smell. I have vaulted ceilings, so anything I burn tends to travel to the second floor. As expected, I didn’t smell anything on the first floor where I burned it and the true test is if the bedrooms smell like a tasty breakfast. It took a couple hours of burn time but when it kicked in, it smelled so warm and delicious.

The candle sent was an 8 oz, single wick. The burn time for this size is between 50-70 hours and you must remember that a candle has memories. However you burn it initially is how it will continue to burn. If the sides don’t melt and it burns straight down, that is how it will continue to burn. Thankfully, this candle warmed the wax to the edges and after about 5 hours of burn time, the candled burned away about a quarter of an inch of wax and it was even all around. An 8 oz candle is $27.99.

All Hallows Bazaar Dio Candle Company
Photo by Dev Crowley

Ghost Stories: I have quite the unusual taste when it comes to fragrances I like. Most of the time it involved burning or rotted wood and this Ghost Stories candle covers one of those bases. This 8 oz candle houses notes of fog and marshmallows roasted over cedarwood. I will be honest and say that I have no idea what fog is supposed to smell like but this candle has the perfect combination of sweet and woodsy. I am not sure how much the fog notes plays into the scent profile but this candle smalls like you are roasting a marshmallow on a cedar stick. I was hoping that this one would hit the second floor as strong as the pumpkin candle, but it was a lot lighter, so it didn’t have the bang that Magic Pumpkin did. It also didn’t warm all the way to the edges, so there is extra wax residue on the sides. This 8 oz is $27.99.

That’s all for the All Hallows Bazaar: Dio Candle Company stall! There were some classic Fall scents included and if you would like to shop their other scents or want to check out their subscription box, you can visit their website HERE. Keep an eye on PopHorror for more stalls headed your way!

Even those these candles were sent to me, I was not paid for this review and all opinions are my own.

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