All Hallows Bazaar: Apocalyptic Beauty Halloween 2020 Collection

Hello, spooky beauties! It is time to dig our brushes into some spooky, Halloween makeup. I don’t mean greasepaint; I am talking the good stuff. I love this time of year for the fall makeup colors and Halloween collections, and together, we welcome the All Hallows Bazaar: Apocalyptic Beauty 2020 stall to the event!

We want to send a big thank you to Apocalyptic Beauty for sending these items to us to unbox and review for you. Even though these were send to me, I was not paid for this review, and all opinions on the items are my own. Let’s get to swatching!

All Hallows Bazaar: Apocalyptic Beauty
Photo by Dev Crowley

How Apocalyptic Beauty works is that you can buy each item individually or you can get a themed box with a bit of everything, from glitters to lip gloss, lipstick to eyeshadows, and sometimes even a setting spray. This may be the monthly box or a collection of bundles. I will price them below as their bundles.

All Hallows Bazaar: Apocalyptic Beauty
Photo by Dev Crowley

The first bunch is from the Halloween 2020 Glitter Bundle. I love the glitters by Apocalyptic Beauty. The mixes are so imaginative and great for themed makeup looks or photography, in my case. All of the glitter in this collection is inspired by horror rockabilly music. The quad costs $16.

Black Leather Lagoon: I am a big fan of Creature from the Black Lagoon, so I love this theme. The greens, purples, and black work really well together with the addition of purple iridescent stars. There are large and small circles, droplet shapes, hexagons, and stars.

Trick or Treat: I love the color scheme of this one. It has neon-colored bats and candy-shaped chunky glitters, plus small black and neon dots. I love how bright and multicolored it is, and the candy shapes are so fun.

Rockin’ Bones: This one is on the simple side in regards to color schemes. The skull and bones look is always a classic. This is a mix of black, gray, and silver crossbones, black, white, and silver dots, plus white bones. I like its simplicity and the individual bone glitters.

You Made Me: I LOVE the colors in this one. The neon green and yellow work so well with the shiny purple that it just makes me happy to look at it. There are green and yellow hexagons with purple and clear lightning bolts. This one is my favorite of the four.

All Hallows Bazaar: Apocalyptic Beauty
Photo by Dev Crowley

Next in the All Hallows Bazaar: Apocalyptic Beauty 2020 stall is the eyeshadow bundle which costs $18. This one is exclusive and disappears VERY quickly. They are also inspired by horror rockabilly music.

Psycho A Go-Go: This is a shimmery slime green and one of the more pigmented of the bunch. It is pretty bright and swatches well, and the shadow is buttery soft. This made it super easy to blend.

Pumpkin Carving Party: I love a good pumpkin carving party, and this pretty burnt orange color with a pretty purple shift from purple shimmer is perfect for the occasion. This one was a little clumped, so it was a bit more difficult to swatch, but I love the shimmer.

Don’t Go Into the Light: This one may be my favorite of the whole bundle. It doesn’t have that much color to it, but the shimmer could blind you. This is green and gold shimmer over a black base, but it is very sheer and great for the inner corners or the center of the lid for a whammy of shimmer.

All of Them Witches: The last post was the hardest to swatch due to clumping, but it was also very pretty. This is a nice purple base with orange and copper pops of glitter. The purple would look gorgeous with green eyes, and the shimmer is light.

All Hallows Bazaar: Apocalyptic Beauty
Photo by Dev Crowley

The swatches (from top to bottom) are Pumpkin Carving Party, Psycho A Go-Go, Don’t Go Into the Light and All Them Witches. To see them shift, please visit the video!

All Hallows Bazaar: Apocalyptic Beauty
Photo by Dev Crowley

Finally in the All Hallows Bazaar: Apocalyptic Beauty 2020 stall, we have the lippie love. These are sold separately.

Deadite: This is a full on golden pea green with shimmer. My tube was pretty oily, so it didn’t dry down and was very sheer, but this would look best with either very fair or very deep skin tones. It doesn’t work so well on me. Green lovers can get it for $12.

Hecate: My favorite out of the three, this is a gorgeous black with a purple shimmer. It dries down matte making it harder to see the shimmer, but if you let it wear a little or rub some of it off, the purple jumps out and smacks you right in the face. This one is GORGEOUS and a total win. Get one before it’s gone for $12.

Brimstone: If I remember correctly, we reviewed this one last year. It is a super-pigmented metallic orange gloss. If you like bronzy glosses, you are going to love this one. Grab it for $8.85.

That’s all for the All Hallows Bazaar: Apocalyptic Beauty 2020 stall unboxing! I had a lot of fun with this one, although I am sad that the bundle this year didn’t have their setting spray. I am a big fan of their setting spray and sometimes use it BEFORE I put on makeup just to use the witch hazel on my skin. As a benefit, they always smell really good. Browse their other collections HERE. All of their makeup is vegan and cruelty free, which is an added bonus.

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