Alamo Drafthouse Cinema to Offer Free Screenings of ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema will honor the immortal Nortre Dame Cathedral by offering free screenings of the 1939 classic, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, to Victory Rewards Program members in select cities.

Tim League, Alamo Drafthouse founder / CEO, had this to say:

“In times of loss, I want to spend time and reminisce and reflect. In the wake of the Notre Dame fire, I immediately dug out photos of me, Karrie, and our daughters from the cathedral. We visited Notre Dame together just last summer. But I also have a strong desire to revisit, on the big screen, my favorite cinematic memory of Notre Dame – and judging from the global response, I don’t think I’m alone. So we’re bringing Charles Laughton’s Quasimodo to the big screen at select Alamo Drafthouse locations for a series of free Victory screenings of the 1939 adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Featuring what might be Charles Laughton’s finest performance, it’s the iconic tale of Quasimodo, the cathedral’s bell-ringer, who must rescue the beautiful Esmeralda (the great Maureen O’Hara), accused of a crime she didn’t commit by the Chief Justice. Bring your family, share with your friends, and let’s all raise a glass to a global treasure, badly damaged but destined to triumphantly return.” 

Screenings and dates:

  • Austin, TX | Alamo Drafthouse Ritz | April 24
  • Denver, CO | Alamo Drafthouse Littleton | May 4
  • Denver, CO | Alamo Drafthouse Sloans Lake | April 24
  • New York, NY | Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn | April 22
  • Phoenix, AZ | Alamo Drafthouse Chandler | April 23
  • Raleigh, NC | Alamo Drafthouse Raleigh | April 23
  • San Francisco, CA |Alamo Drafthouse New Mission | April 23
  • Springfield, MO | Alamo Drafthouse Springfield | April 24
  • Tempe, AZ | Alamo Drafthouse Tempe | April 24

What a wonderful way to pay tribute to an amazing film and a timeless monument of human achievement. Are you planning on attending these screenings? Let us know in the comments below.

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