‘Agramon’s Gate’ Makes Its World Premiere at the Lumiere

Set to make its world debut at the Lumiere Music Hall soon is the highly anticipated thriller, Agramon’s Gate (read our review here), directed by Abeyance’s Harley Wallen (read our interview with him here). The film stars Laurene Landon (Maniac Cop franchise – read our interview with her here), The People Under the Stairs’ Yan Birch (read our interview with him here), and Calhoun Koenig (Bennett’s Song 2018). The premiere will take place on February 7, 2020.


Richie has just bought a house and gotten married. Along with a psychic medium Vesna, (Aphrodite Nikolovski: Betrayed 2018) something else comes through and haunts the people from the housewarming party. Is it Carter, Richie’s father? Has Carter come back to settle the score? Or is it Sharon, his mother who’s been at a mental institution ever since? Or is it a spirit or a demon? If so, what can they do to combat it? Richie and his friends must solve the mystery before it’s too late. With the help of Vesna and a wise, mystical guru named Zeb (Harley Wallen), the partygoers attempt to solve the mystery before it’s too late.

While you are at it, be sure to check out the trailer below:


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