Go Home, Afton

‘Go Home, Afton’ by Brent Jones – Librarian By Day, Vigilante By Night

Traditional thriller readers will relate to the action, adventure, and pure entertainment of Brent Jones’ The Afton Morrison Series. The riveting themes and empowered female character will resonate with fans of The Handmaid’s Tale, Jessica Jones, and Wonder Woman. This dark book series weaves a portrait of an unlikely heroine. Her day job? Children’s librarian. At night? She’s a violent vigilante.

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Go Home, Afton

The Afton Morrison Book Series – Synopsis

If you were to describe your local, small town children’s librarian – or even how you imagine one – you’d probably use words like kind, quiet, and harmless. However, in Brent Jones’ new serial thriller series, The Afton Morrison Series (first installment, Go Home, Afton), the local children’s librarian, Afton Morrison, couldn’t be further from what one might expect.

In this dark yet empowering series, Jones weaves a portrait of his unlikely heroine, whose day job goes by the wayside at night when she turns into a violent vigilante. With a deft hand, Jones creates a complex character who blends her base urges and desire for justice to create her motivation, and who must literally fight with herself in order to keep her borderline psychopathic tendencies in check. 

Sounds awesome! Book 2 in the series is due out in August and Book 3 is due out in September. Book 4 follows in October.

Here’s a look at the release schedule!

Afton Books

The first book in the series, Go Home, Afton is currently on sale over at Amazon for $0.99! I just snagged a copy myself this afternoon. I can’t wait to start reading!

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