Aaron’s Blood – Release Date And New Trailer

How far would you go to save someone you love? That’s a question people often ask themselves but they never have to be put to that test. In the upcoming vampire thriller, Aaron’s Blood, we’ll see how far a father is willing to go to save his son. 

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Tommy Stovall brings us his latest horror thriller, starring James Martinez and Tommy’s son, Trevor Stovall. Martinez has previously played many roles in TV shows, including episodes in CSI, NCIS, and The Young And The Restless. Tommy and Trevor Stovall have worked together on Tommy’s first three films, Hate Crime (2005), Sedona (2011), and now Aaron’s Blood . Here’s the official trailer!

(Synopsis provided by IMDb.com):

Aaron (James Martinez) copes with his new life as a single father and the distant relationship he shares with his son, Tate (Trevor Stovall). A timid hemophiliac, Tate is roughed up at school by the chief bully, causing a massive nosebleed that lands him in the hospital fighting for his life. He makes a miraculous recovery after a necessary blood transfusion, but Aaron begins to notice progressively strange behaviors in his son. Faced with the grim possibility that Tate could be becoming a vampire, Aaron enlists the help of a local vampire hunter and embarks on a frantic search to find the source of infection and stop the transformation before it’s too late.

Aaron’s Blood was distributed by Gravitas Ventures, the same people who brought us The Nightmare (2015), Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus (2014), and Hell Baby (2013). The film will be in theaters on June 2, 2017, and will be available On Demand and Digital HD on June 6, 2017!

Aaron’s Blood looks like a horror film that will be thrilling and heartbreaking. I’ll definitely be looking for this one, once it’s released! 

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