Are Matilda And Stephen King’s Carrie The Same Person?

Matilda and Carrie are two famous literary and cinematic girls with telekinetic abilities. Now, introduced a new fan theory that suggests these two are actually the same person. But does this theory hold up when you break down both films? 

The Theory:

After the events of Matilda take place, Miss Honey decides that the memories of living in a house where Miss Trunchbull lived are too much and they should start over in a fresh place as a new family. Miss Honey and Matilda move to Chamberlain, Maine, and change their names to Margaret and Carrietta White. In order to come to terms with the trauma of her past, Miss Honey/Margaret becomes very religious, causing Matilda/Carrie to become very shy, especially with her telekinetic powers, and she stops practicing completely. For years, the two never talk about her powers and Matilda/Carrie soon believes she imagined it all. Then, the events of the book ‘Carrie’ take place.

Makes sense, right? Let’s dive deeper into how the evidence supports this. Let’s start with the fact that Matilda’s and Carrie’s stories are very similar. They both had horrible parents, a teacher that cared about them, and traumatizing events at school. There was actually a mashup trailer of the films three years ago. Check that out below!

Even though Matilda is a children’s tale, there is still some messed up stuff in it. suggests that PTSD could easily explain Miss Honey and Matilda’s shifting personalities, as well as the reason why they become overly religious and reclusive.

Of course, with every theory, there are a few holes. They stated that Matilda survived her first family and came out fine, so would it make sense that she’s suddenly afraid of Miss Honey/Margaret? Also, Miss Honey knew about Matilda’s gift and still adopted her. Even if Miss Honey/Margaret became over religious, and Matilda/Carrie rediscovered her powers, Miss Honey/Margaret wouldn’t be surprised by her powers and suddenly want to kill the girl.

So, do you believe this theory is far-fetched or do you want it to be true? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! 

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