A ‘Deep Blue Sea’ Sequel in the Works

It is definitely the summer of the shark. We just got some news that we are getting a sequel to Deep Blue Sea. Despite rumors that we were not going to get a second movie, it’s finally happening! Moviehole announced that the second film was underway. Just don’t expect the cast from the first film to be coming back.

The original film Deep Blue Sea was about using sharks to cure Alzheimer’s disease however the sharks get smarter and attack the research facility. Not much is really know about the sequel, according to Moviehole:

 Dr Klaus Van Etten is experimenting on bull sharks, much to the chagrin of Misty and her team of marine experts. The sharks get out, of course, and all hell breaks loose.

Kind of sounds like the first movie. The film was set to have a sequel in 2009 but it was ultimately scrapped. However, filming is taking place in Cape Town. Darin Scott and Michael Beach are set to be in the sequel. The film will not be getting a theatrical release but SyFy has picked up the sharktastic film. It should be a no-brainer for the network as they have sharks down to the tee with cult classic franchise Sharknado.

Not much else is known about the sequel so stay tuned for more news and reviews! Are you excited about the sequel? Let us know.

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