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‘A Dark Place’ (2019) Review: Rippling Effect of Madness

Great poster art always sells me. It catches my eye and makes me want to watch it. That doesn’t mean the film always turns out good, but the poster at least got me interested. When I saw the poster for A Dark Place, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t super impressed. It just felt safe; boring. However, the story intrigued me and I thought why not try it out. So, was it worth the watch?

This new psychological thriller drama was directed and written by Christopher Pinero (read my interview with him – here). The cast includes Luke Baines, Jaron Michael Hawkins, Jazlyn Yoder, Jason Darcy, Christopher Donnellon, Veronica Diaz Carranza, and Mike Miller.

A Dark Place poster

Synopsis for A Dark Place

Alex (Baines), is a twenty-something struggling to put his life back together after a reckless mistake renders his job search hopeless. While pressure at home mounts from his pregnant girlfriend (Yoder), he runs into an old friend who changes his fortunes. Just when things are looking up, Alex discovers a secret that sends him into a self-destructive, downward spiral and brings his two best friends along with him.

Well, I got schooled with this one. The saying “never a judge book by its cover” definitely hits the nail with this one. I may not have cared for the poster, but A Dark Place is one of my new favorites of 2019. It starts out a bit slow, but once it gets going… it will totally suck you into the madness and down the rabbit hole you will go. A unique and thrilling story with phenomenal performances, and a wonderful representation of what true friendship is.

Have you ever been in a rut? Does nothing seem to be getting better no matter how hard you try? That is what Alex is going through. One horrible mistake has ruined his career and relationship with the love of his life, but no matter how hard he tries, he can’t erase the past. And just when things start to look up, his world crashes beneath him, and nothing will ever be the same. It’s such a powerful story of what one mistake can change someone’s life forever and the people around them. And depending on how you handle that one mistake, it can also have a rippling effect causing mayhem every step of the way.

Luke Baines and Christopher Pinero in A Dark Place (2018)
Luke Baines and Christopher Pinero in A Dark Place

All of the performances were brilliant. Over the years, Luke Baines has proven himself to be a wonderful actor, but his leading performance in A Dark Place is groundbreaking. Watching him spiral out of control is like a beautiful nightmare and you can’t look away. The supporting roles from Christopher Donnellon and Jason Darcy are equally phenomenal. Award-winning. They show the true meaning of friendship and how far one will go to protect the people they love against all odds. Jazlyn Yoder gave an emotionally driven performance and you can’t help but love her character despite some of the ill choices she makes.

The ending is one of my favorite parts. Everything starts to spin out of control quickly and within a blink of an eye everyone’s life is changed forever. But for the worst or better? You’ll have to find out by watching it. I definitely didn’t expect some of the things that went down to happen, so it was a bittersweet surprise.

Jazlyn Yoder in A Dark Place
Jazlyn Yoder in A Dark Place

Final Thoughts

As I stated before, this is by far one of my favorite films of 2019. Just another reason why I love and encourage promoting indie films so much. This is one that would probably fly under many people’s radar, but I’m going to make sure it doesn’t. A Dark Place is now available on Digitial, DVD, and Blu-Ray, so see it for yourself and watch the madness unfold in a beautifully chaotic way.


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