9th Annual Phoenix FearCON Announces Virtual Convention, Panels, Guests, Workshops

Phoenix FearCON has been a staple for horror fans in the Southwest for years, bringing horror fans an eclectic variety of celebrity guests, panels and an independent film festival which proudly showcases shorts and features from around the globe. 

For the convention’s ninth annual celebration of all things horror which will take place on October 16th, Phoenix FearCON has announced that this year, they will be offering a virtual platform for artists of all horrific varieties to share their creations with us fans. Rolling with the punches that 2020 has doled out, Phoenix FearCON has answered with a safe and impressive alternative to the in-person convention … an alternative that ultimately benefits both fans and creators alike. 

Hosted by Horror Historian Jay Michaels, who also heads the In the Passion Pit podcast as well as Terror Talk which is featured on Terror TV, Phoenix FearCON will be available for fans that purchase a low cost, all-access pass. This pass allows you to enjoy a wide variety of panels, workshops, films and more within an astonishing amount of time. Most content featured will be available for streaming from October 16th through December 31st for fans worldwide to enjoy! In addition, a virtual marketplace will be available to peruse the “aisles” of the convention. 

Dacre Stoker
Dacre Stoker, great-grandnephew of Bram Stoker. Photography 2012 © Pete Stevens

With only the first wave announced, Phoenix FearCON is chalking up to be a worthwhile online destination for fans to partake in. Canadian best selling author and great-grandnephew of Bram Stoker, Dacre Stoker (Dracul – read our review here, Dracula The Un-dead) will be a special guest of honor. Legendary stage actor and indie horror favorite Bill Oberst Jr. (Circus Of The Dead 2014 – read our review here, read our interviews with him here and here) will be present, along with intriguing panels such as A Morphing of Monsters: A Journey Through the Genre with Dineta Williams Trig (Scream Machine 2015) and Thommi A’mal (I Could Today 2020) and a discussion on how to write horror with folks who have helped shift the landscape of penned terror. John Skipp (Tales Of Halloween 2015 – read our review here), Owl Goingback (The Bloody Jug Band: Beautiful Corpse 2015), and Nicholas Yanes (Legal Positions 2019) are only some of the highlights announced so far for this much needed, revamped show, and they’re now all available through this inclusive version of Phoenix FearCON.

Legendary author John Skipp

New info for this exciting venture have been coming in pretty quickly, so look for additional films and more to be announced soon! You can follow all the updates HERE as well as purchase your all-access pass to Phoenix FearCON

Filmmakers, writers, artists, if you embrace horror and are looking for an on-line venue that does that same, reach out HERE.

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