7 Witches (2017) Trailer Review

Looking for a film to take you back to last year’s The Witch? Then look no further than Brady Hall’s 7 Witches.

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7 Witches tells the story of two different families coming together for the wedding of their daughters. The Sklars are extremely different then the Boyle family; there is something mysterious and dangerous about them. When Kate starts looking into her new in-laws,  she will find out what the Sklars are really about as well as their dangerous secrets.

Watching the trailer, the opening monologue screams The Crucible.

They said its the land of the free. It’s why we came to America in the first place. We found persecution wherever we’ve gone. We have moved on but we have not forgotten.”

Very chilling words for the trailer, and from the image painted by the trailer, 7 Witches seems dark and mysterious. The Sklar family are witches but something happened and now a dark curse is going to come to pass. 7 Witches, according to IMDb.com, is a horror film set at a wedding.

This film was directed by Brady Hall (Scrapper), and the screenplay was written by Brady Hall and Ed Dougherty. The cast stars Persephone Apostolou (Kate), Megan Hensley (Aggie), Mike Jones (Cody), Macall Gordon (Paula), and Danika Golombek (Rose). 7 Witches is being released by Indican Pictures on May 9th.

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