7 Horror Films to Watch on Valentine’s Day!

Prefer gore and scares to chick flicks and roses? Need ideas for horror films to watch on Valentine’s Day? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 7 films featuring love and lust mixed with revenge, vampires, zombies, psychopaths and even a killer vagina. Enjoy!


Teeth (2007)

2007_teeth_008When high school student Dawn O’Keefe (Jess Weixler) gets sexually assaulted on a date, she discovers that her vagina is equipped with razor sharp teeth. Although she’s in shock about the revelation, she soon uses it to get revenge on scumbags. Seeing vagina dentata in action may be a bit too much for some mainstream audiences, but I laughed way too hard during several scenes and enjoyed the revenge and feminist aspect. 

The Loved Ones (2009)


This Australian film features Lola Stone (Robin McLeavy), a teenage girl who loves pink, glitter, boys and murderous torture. With the help of her daft and borderline incestuous father, they kidnap her crush, Brent (Xavier Samuel), for the prom of her dreams. The film is brutal and the family is utterly insane, but it has a sense of dark humor that I can’t help but enjoy. The soundtrack is haunting and perfect as Kasey Chambers sings “Am I not pretty enough? Is my heart too broken? Do I cry too much? Am I too outspoken?” as a bloody and merciless Lola, still dressed for her prom, walks down a country road seeking vengeance. Ah, teen love.

The Bride of Frankenstein (1935)


As a sequel to Frankenstein (1931), the film shows the events directly following the first and features the brilliant Boris Karloff once again. A mate is created for the lonely and misunderstood Monster, someone who is expected to understand and love the creature. Instead, The Monster’s Bride (Elsa Lanchester) rejects him in terror. Understanding that they “belong dead,” he makes the ultimate sacrifice. The Bride of Frankenstein is heart wrenching, beautiful and remains a timeless classic withstands the test of time after eighty years. If you prefer your Valentine’s Day to be in black and white, Mr. Karloff has just what you need.

Let the Right One In (2008)


There are two versions of this film; the original, which is Swedish, and the American remake. Although the American remake is well worth a watch and followed fairly closely, I always recommend the original. The Swedish screenplay was more graphic and raw than was allowed in the remake. Lina Leandersson plays Eli, an old vampire in a twelve year old’s body, who moves into an apartment with her caretaker. Kåre Hedebrant plays Oskar, a lonely and bullied boy who lives next door. The cinematography, setting and actor performances are absolutely stunning. Although it is a coming-of-age story and considered a romance/horror, do not let that fool you. The story packs a powerful punch, especially as Eli shows her true self. Her relationship with young Oskar is beautiful, but twisted at the same time.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)


Speaking of vampire romance, no creature of the night does it better than the Count himself. Dracula, played by the superbly eccentric Gary Oldman, discovers that the love of his life, Elisabeta, has been reincarnated as a young woman named Mina, played by Winona Ryder. Dracula travels to London from Transylvania to get Mina back as his bride. This is my favorite film version of Dracula, largely thanks to Oldman’s performance and the overly gothic tone. It is bursting with seduction and long-lost love with a somewhat sappy ending that even horror fans can appreciate.

Honeymoon (2014)


As the most recent release on this list, Honeymoon was one of my favorite horror films of 2014. Bea (Rose Leslie) and Paul (Harry Treadaway) spend their honeymoon in a secluded cabin in the woods near a lake. Bea soon begins to act irrationally, baffling her new husband. Things take a drastic turn for the worse as Bea, along with other women in the area, is visited by something unworldly. For having such a limited budget, the movie is very well-acted and the effects are nicely done. There are a few truly horrifying scenes that do not go easy on the gore. If you’re a gorehound like me, you’ll definitely enjoy.

Shaun of the Dead (2004)


Simon Pegg stars in this British “rom-zom-com” (romance/zombie/comedy) as Shaun, an unmotivated salesman who continuously disappoints his friends, family and girlfriend, who soon becomes his ex-girlfriend. When Shaun finds himself in a zombie outbreak shortly after, he must step up and find a way to save everyone he cares about, while trying to win his ex back. The wit and writing are excellent, making it one of the best comedies in decades. This is a must see for anyone who enjoys zombies and British humor.

Although I chose to leave the obvious My Bloody Valentine and Valentine off of the list, you can’t go wrong with either film. Be sure to check out articles for both flicks on Pophorror.com later this week! I hope you enjoyed this list. Please comment if there any horror films that you love to watch on Valentine’s Day, or if any of your favorites are already listed!

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  1. What a great list! I’m so glad you added Honeymoon. That movie was messed up at the end!