14 Best Horror Women To Follow On TikTok

If you’re like me, you can spend hours scrolling on TikTok. Once you push past the cringe, the drama, and all the dancing, there is indeed some wonderful content on the app. Through my many hours of scrolling, I’ve come across some wonderful TikTok accounts ran by women in the horror community. From cosplays to makeup to artwork, these women have expressed their love for the macabre in ways that truly stuck with me. I’m going to share some of my favorite videos by them, and if you’d like to check out more of their content, you can click on their names below!


@yureiwomb on TikTok

There is no other word I can think of describe her videos than… enchanting. She combines her eerie artwork with her calm, soothing stories and the combination is just so pleasant to watch!



@brittanylessard on TikTok

I absolutely love this girl’s videos. Her makeup can go from horror icons like Jigsaw all the way to old age makeup that can fool a liquor store clerk. She is such a fun person to follow!



@agnisgore on TikTok

This is another special effects account that has really impressed me! Her bloody makeup is so magnificent, TikTok felt the need to put a lot of warnings on her videos, which, on one hand, is total bullshit to horror fans, but on the other hand, it might be enough to intrigue you to check her out!



@sweetysetsu on TikTok

If you love disturbing imagery, this is the TikTok account for you! Her photography and photoshop skills are nothing short of immaculate. She can take a simple photo of herself and turn it into something that I call beautiful nightmare fuel.



@jiggysawgirl on TikTok

As a fellow Saw fan, I absolutely love how her TikTok account is dedicated to the franchise. She has interesting discussions about the films and the characters, and she brings up a lot of good points!



@jerseyvirago on TikTok

I truly admires this girl’s dedication. She takes cosplay to a whole new level by re-enacting full movies scene by scene! If you’re a fan of The Craft or Jawbreaker, you HAVE to see how much effort she has put into her videos to recreate these movies!



@awkwardsupervillain on TikTok

I’ll tell you, I was hooked to her TikTok account by how cinematically stunning some of her videos are! Her camerawork is amazing, and you can tell she works really hard at creating frightful masterpieces.



@neon.nightmare on TikTok

This is one of my absolute favorite Pennywise cosplayers! Her makeup is really well done, and her editing skills are perfect.



@raydiatebyraychel on TikTok

This girl just radiates pure talent! Her makeup skills and creativity provide some wonderfully unique looks!


@ceekayye and @mmeelizabeth

@ceekayye on TikTok

@mmeelizabeth on TikTok

I had to put these two TikTok accounts together because they are the ultimate horror cosplay dream team! I’m obsessed with their Sweeney Todd/Mrs. Lovett and Richie/Eddie videos!



@skissored on TikTok

This woman has the most epic sculpting and building skills. She has made some insanely accurate costumes, masks, and wall mounts, including Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Other Mother from Coraline, and Frank from Donnie Darko!



@beetlejuicebabe on TikTok

She really stuck out for me because of her mesmerizing special effects and cosplay skills. She brings realistic horror cosplays to the floor, and it really shows how much work she puts into all her creations.



@theroligore on TikTok

Speaking of realistic, if you want freakishly realistic videos of your favorite childhood characters that include Spongebob and the Teletubbies, then this is the TikTok account to check out! Even if the characters themselves aren’t horror, her recreations of them sure are!



@jade.loves.crime on TikTok

This TikTok account is more involved in true horror. She is dedicated to describing in graphic detail what happens to you and your body during various horrific death scenarios. It’s perfect for traumatizing you, and if you are a horror writer, her videos can be very educational, too!

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